FS: i7 extreme 965, 6gb ram, CF 4870x2, 2 intel ssds Price Drop $1500

To start off I myself did not build this pc, I had a professional build it and install the cpu and everything so everything is fine tuned and stable.

It was built by Vigor gaming.

I'm selling my gaming computer I had this built roughly 8 months ago and I don't have a need for such a powerful computer and i'm planning on downgrading to a mac.

All that other scores are very high and some overclocked would get you that perfect 7.9 pretty easily.

As you can tell this computer is without a doubt future proof, and will stay current for years to come!

This would make for the ultimate present for any gamer this christmas, or you can just buy it as a present to yourself!
Comes with windows 7 but not activated so you'll have to buy your own key. However you can buy the keys cheaply online.
Too make up for no windows 7 i'll throw in Kaspersky antivirius for free.

Here are the specs:

Intel i7 965 Extreme (Never o.c.ed, however the after market cooler could handle a hefty load so you can easily oc it yourself..)

2 MSI 4870 x2s (Each gpu has 2 gpus inside so you get a total of 4 gpus!)

6gb Kingston hyperx 1600 ram

Antec twelve hundred case

1 killawatt Antec psu

Intel dx58s0 motherboard

300gb rapitor 10krpm harddrivedrive

2 40gb intel ssds in raid 0 (super fast!)

1tb western digital harddrive 7200rpm

Blu Ray read write drive.

Unknown soundcard, i believe its a sound blaster.
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  1. Price drop to $2000
  2. booo downgrading to a mac from that beast?? thats lame you will be soarly dissapointed imho.
  3. Meh 27" imac, i7 quad core, 8gb ram, i'm not sure if i'll be very disappointed :)
  4. Price drop to $1950.
    If you are worried about me being a new member then we can do the transaction through ebay if you are worried.
  5. Price drop
  6. I was looking at your rig and after going over the parts you have I would consider making the price about $1200-1500 tops its a really nice system but if you really want to sell it I would adjust the price to that range, and even though your gpu solution is very capable many people are looking for dx11 at this point making its 300-400 dollars worth of value a little moot at this point but it still certainly worth a decent amount. That is just my thought not to put down your system but just some friendly advice..
    take it or leave it, its all good--->>good luck
  7. Thanks, I will probably keep it at $1800 for a little bit then drop the price down if i get no offers on here or craigslist. Then I might just part out.
  8. tadzio said:
    Thanks, I will probably keep it at $1800 for a little bit then drop the price down if i get no offers on here or craigslist. Then I might just part out.

    yeah parting it out will definatley get you the most money, but if you do part it out then I would not sell it on ebay because you will get hammered with fees which will definatley hamper your overall profits. Instead I would sell the parts somewhere free like on here or craigslist, amazon, etc.
  9. Ok yeah I'll probably end up doing that, thanks for your advice.
  10. Price drop to $1500!
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