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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if Newegg offered any good after Christmas or New Years deals or sales, particularly regarding AMD components... I know I missed Black November, but I was pretty immersed in my last quarter of college. This will be my first build, and I'm pretty much a complete novice, so bear with me, please. :)

Also, does anyone know about how long Newegg offers a combo deal if it doesn't sell out? I'm particularly interested in this one:

But I'd like to wait until just after Christmas to begin actually buying my components. It'd be cool if I could save some money on the costly parts. Any thoughts?

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  1. New gen of CPU are coming Q1 2011 (intel - sandy bridge). AMD is going to release its "bulldozer" serie. Also heard the rumor of a possible successor of the LGA 1336 socket Q4 2011.

    All of this to say that, if you're looking for deal, it's not the moment. When those CPU will be released, the actual one on the market will lose of their value.
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