Will this computer run WoW at an acceptable level?

I currently have a hp pavilion that my parents got back in 2004. They gave it to me for christmas and i am currently building my own computer for gaming/school. Until i have that computer built i am wondering if this pavilion will run WoW acceptably(no terrible lags or terrible freezing all the time). I have about 1.5 GB of memory in it with a 2.8 CPU(not dual), 350W PSU, a built in videocard(gonna be **** of course but not too worried)and a pretty moderate hardrive. Of course i wont be playing at maximum graphic level(probably play pretty low actually)but do you think this can do at all until my computer is finished? I know this sounds pretty bad for gaming but please just tae a miniute to actually sincerly think if this can work...
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  1. You'l probably need to upgrade the graphics card. Otherwise should be fine.
  2. dont really wanna upgrade anything or really spend any money on this computer...but do you think it can hold if i play with the graphics low?
  3. Only one way to know.
    Why not use that for school and the new for games?
    Also depending on the MB you can pick up a cheap (better) vid card for $50
  4. It'll run with low graphic settings. WoW's pretty well made, the graphics engine isn't so massively complex that it reguires a Crysis-level machine to run on purpose - so that everyone can play. Best way to find out is install the game and find out for yourself. It's a free download from the WoW site, it's just the account you have to pay for (you can set up a free trial account though)
  5. the video card you buy for the new pc, put it in the pavilion until you build the new pc.
  6. Ive run WoW on integrated graphics before. Probably on a machine very similar to yours. I also played it on dial up with that comp. Everything worked surprisingly well. I wouldn't worry about upgrading if its just a stand in until you get a new comp.
  7. Yea itll work on min res @ low settings. It will look like my baby sis designed the game (and id like to state she is no prodigy) but hey as long as you can see where the Bladestorm button is im sure you will be fine.
  8. Nope - wont work... HP pavilion pc's of that era use the Intel 845G graphics chip that does not support hardware transform and lighting (T&L)...

    T&L is a requirement to just load WoW...

    Sorry to burst your bubble - but whatever other people say here, it's not going to happen without a better gfx card.
  9. shiftstealth said:
    the video card you buy for the new pc, put it in the pavilion until you build the new pc.

    His PC dosn't have PCI express
  10. hehehe bitchslapped by a pro, good spot man
  11. The best solution I can think of to your problem would be to:

    1. Wait until your other computer is built.
    2. Go to a used computer parts place (first though, Ebay...but be warned...others might know of others) and buy a good used AGP video card for $20 bucks. (If the computer has an AGP slot that is. Otherwise, you'll have to find a PCI video card...a bit more tricky.) This should "hold you over"...but don't expect excellent results.
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