Hmm, Do I need a new processor for Fallout 3? Lag

Is it just me or a few who lag? Many people say I need a better processor its whats causing it. Others say your processor should be fine to handle it.

I say someone set it straight allready. :P
IS the fallout 3 game bad coding?
ANytime I get about 4 enemys, my computer lags crazy. It can't handle all that gun fire and beams flying willy nilly.

I tried setting graphics to lowest possible including resolution and its still the same.
Also its funny because my guy runs in slow motion at that time.
So Help? Please.

Motherboard – ABIT KN8
Graphics – Radeon HD 4870 512mb
Ram - 3GB
Screen Res – 1280 by 1024
Processor – AMD Dual-Core 64 4600+
Operating System – Windows XP Pro
Drives – (1)-80GB, (2)-300GB Storage
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  1. Have a play about with some of these tweaks.
    It is a multicore game, although as its based on the Oblivion engine which was sorta kinda multicore i would question how much a quad (natural upgrade) would improve your performance.

    To reassure you, mine is pretty similar and i run the game fine.

    Btw you done all the usual defrags and virus scans and such? Not got any crapware running in the background?
  2. I ran it fine on lower specs than you but ran fine at 1280x1024, max everything. It ocassionally slowed down, which I discovered was because of azureus running. After closing that, everything was smooth.
    Have a look at your processes running and see if anything is stealing your speed.

    Other than that, try what pr2thej says. Virus scan, defragment, upgrade to 8.12 drivers.
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