BF2142 not working

i run vista 64bit and whenever i try to connect to a server on BF2142 it closes and says it stopped working.
how do i fix this?
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  1. i run vista 32 bit and get the same problem :(

    Well if your like me, then your game crashes after every time you click connect to a server. Well if you have an X-FI card, there's your problem. NOTE: it is very important to do it in this order

    1. First of all, if you have vista, navigate to control panel-Hardware and sound-View hardware and devices. You can get here with XP/Classicview, but im not sure how becuase i run vista

    2. Go down to sound, video and game controllers and open that.

    3. Disable Creative SB X-Fi (a box may pop up, just click OK) keep the Device manager window open

    4. Start up BF2142, and go to audio settings

    5. Go to audio renderer and select Creative X-Fi

    6. Alt tab, and reenable your Creative SB X-Fi driver

    7. You should be set to play the game now

    Note: I believe that steps 5 and 6 may be interchangeable with each other

    Note: This may also work for BF2, but is not yet tested

  3. i have that card and it stopped working when i put it in, never thought of it :(
  4. Those darn X-fi cards. Seems like they cause a lot of conflicts. They are great when they work but sheesh. I wish I would have went with an ASUS Xonar instead. I can't recall one conflict with a xonar.
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