Weird CS:S Lag!!

Ive been getting some weird lag after i reinstalled Counter Strike Source. It isnt like my rates are not set right, it just lags.

This lag isnt in long periods or anything, it just stutters a lot, like im getting low fps, but im not.

Only the players lag, not anything else, once the players die, it runs smoothly, when the fall and hit the ground, but when they are alive they stutter, and i cant hit them.

Also my ISP is pretty good, i have Qwest at 1.5 mps.

I am on wireless though...

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Have you changed any hardware?

    Sounds like you may still have your old gfx settings if you've changed card for example. I regularly copy my steam cache from machine to machine and have to go through the gfx options on each game to get them running right.

    Other than that I'd suggest going to the Valve forums for a specific CS:S problem, you'll find more players there and they've always been very helpful on my CS:S Linux server questions :D
  2. Have you got anything else downloading in the background? Windows isn't great at prioritising network traffic.

    My wireless can play up, but normally my ping stays pretty low on good enough servers.

    Also, just because you ghave the bandwidth doesn't necessarily mean you have a responsive connection.
  3. I had a similar problem with CS 1.6 running on wireless. It has to do with the windows wireless configuration re-establishing its connection periodically. You can shut off the service once you have connected to the wireless network and you'll still be connected.

    To shut it off do the following:
    Go to control panel > administrative tools > services

    Under services, scroll down to find the windows zero configuration then right click on it and select stop.

    Whenever you restart your computer you will need to restart the windows zero configuration through the same process.
  4. I figured it out, it was that my Cpu being overclocked was unstable, but thanks anyway guys.
    I did get a new card recently and i havent been getting the fps i should be getting. I have a 9800 GT and im getting like 90 fps on Office.
  5. Unstable CPU's BSOD, its really odd that it will just affect one part of of one application adversly.
    Can we assume that you diagnosed this by returning your CPU to stock and the issue stopped?
  6. Yes that is what I did, again thank you all for the input!
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