Turn base strategy game just started join in now


server 3

its ok you have to build crops buildings soilders etc then send out troops to fight or defend your home
see you in game
message me .... sirkillalot
start in south east area s3
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  1. A browser based game sounds etchy to me...? Like it wouldnt be that good. But idk I've never tried a browser based game so I cant judge. Can anyone else do it for me?
  2. i never was into browser games but now im playing about 7 of them and this 1 is good
    the good thing is u just spend 1 min. to make a move they u carry on with something else :)
    just try it :bounce:
  3. blimey you dont give up easy eh
  4. Me and my partner played this game for ages, it get's really old really fast imo...
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