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Hey i have been looking at sites that rated Command and Conquer Generals and so far most of them have rated Highest scores. That is crap. I played this game and the very first time I played on extreme with 2 other AIs and 1 other human player and still won in minutes. This game is too easy. The graphics are pretty good but only pretty not breath taking. But when all the awards were coming out like on extended play on tech tv and they rated this game was (or could be) the best rates game of all time. What ever happened to Total Annihilation? I still play this game it still rocks and is still challenging, plus the graphics aren't that bad. What are you opinions?

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  1. i think the game is above average... runs a bit slow on my system thou. i dont really like the soldiers, they look way too plain, the mechanical units are ok, althought they look half way between futuristic and reallife. the game is very high on detail, except for the soldiers. the battle effects are hands down 1st class. i only got the game a week ago, and so far i give it 7/10
    personally, i prefer game such as WorldWar 3 BlackGold and Earth 2150.
  2. I don't like the controls so far. It seems like an odd mix between the old command and conquer and Age of empires. Still a good game though, it just took a while to get used to how it was all setup.

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  3. ye... when you try to drag the mouse to select a bunch of units, you can only select whats showing on the screen,if you try to scroll your mouse down to select more units, you cant really do that because the stupid green square moves with the mouse. anyone know what i'm mean??
  4. I just got it and I give it an 8 so far. I haven't taken advantage of the multi-player yet, but thus far it seems like a nice game, much better than Red Alert 2 was, IMO. However, this game is just a ripoff of Emperor. Compare the graphics on Emperor and Generals and don't tell me they aren't the same engine. I liked the Emperor interface/menu/whole-goddam-feel more than Generals in any case. Emperor is a 9.5 in my books. I've only given a 10 to Operation Flashpoint because after a year and a half, it is the only game I install first after a format because I play it so goddam much! I don't install anything else until a week or so after, until I get a wee bit tired of playing it for eight hours a day and I feel like driving a car real fast from the cops (gotta love GTA3).


    forgot to mention, but in the THG review of it, they said Generals was the first fully 3D game of it's kind, or something like that. Emperor was and is more fully 3D than Generals and it's two years older, and is the exact same genre of game (overhead war sim). Talk about doing your research, sheesh.

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  5. IMHO I think it is much better than previous series of C&C,
    in term of gameplay, balance of units, forces and of
    course eye candy, and just for that i give it an 8.5./10.

    And, Yes I agree that Total Annihilation is one of the best
    strategy game of all time, especialy if you mod it to
    extend the gameplay even more after getting bored with
    the original.
  6. I agree Total Annihilation is one of the best real time strategy game I ever played, and still play.

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  7. I've been a fan of the C&C series from the beginning, but imho i was really dissapointed with generals. The classic C&C storyline is completely gone, you can only que 9 units at once, and the units themselves aren't anything special. The AI is also dumb. RA2 was better. 5/10
    The only good thing i can say about it is that it is the best looking, and smoothest 3D rts game that i have seen. It doesnt annoy the hell out of you with rotating cameras.
  8. hey, being playin generals for a while now(ok, 115 games with 2 losses----all---on brutal), anyway to answer your question, all you have to do is click on any man or machine and double click the "e", this will select all of that particular unit across the "map".also just double klik one unit of your choice and it will select all across the "screen" .....but, yes, the old drag and scoop with the mouse to collect all units doesn'nt work so well. also hide the taskbar when doing this to select any additional units you might not otherwise be able to get.........on a side note, try getting some skins for the game.....makes it even more enjoyable to play(watch)...cncbunker.com just one example......commanche's look awesome with cammo, as well as the paladin's. skin also for the dozer-----makes it yellow, kinda like the real thing!!! too many to mention however..... hope this post isn't too late for you. have fun!!!!

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  9. In terms of graphics c&c generals is excellent but the storyline is so crap. shame ;-(

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  10. In terms of graphics c&c generals is excellent but the storyline is so crap. shame ;-(

    2100 XP Athlon Overclocked (2165Ghz)
    1GB DDR Samsung 3200
    Geforce 4 Ti 4600 128Mb
    2X40Gig Hard Drives,Windows on 1 Linux on the other
    17" DVI TFT LG L1710B
  11. EA screwed their francise again! This game is as good as the DUNE 2000 game I bought a few years ago. The only saving grace are the MODs avalaible on the net. They are cool, and very playable :)

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