Networking Oddity?!

Sorry I don't have time to check over the previous posts at the moment to see if my problem has already been solve/explained. Anyway...

I have a WinXP machine and a WinME machine (before I go any farther lets get this out of the way, yes WinME sucks! no I can't explain why I'm using ME, no I'm not going to switch to 98se/2000/etc, and yes I'm a god damn idiot... so there's no need to reply with any of that bullshit! :wink: ) on my network, I can access files from my XP machine using my ME machine but using the XP machine I can't get connected to the ME at all, nothing for it in network neighborhood anyway.

I'm fairly sure that it is being caused by ME as that computer used to have XP on it which networked fine and I have another computer on the network running XP and the two XPs don't have a problem with each other.

I know with Win9x you have to logon and I do that (no password).

Someone please explain to me wtf is wrong?! :lol:
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  1. can you ping the XP box from ME?

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  2. Yes, using the ME machine I can ping and do everything else my little networking heart desires. It's from the XP box that I can't ping or communicate in any fashion to the ME machine. They are all connected to the internet however using the same router, this continues to puzzle me but it's not that big of an issue as I can at least do what I need from the ME machine.
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