CNN & Geography: Yes, they Cannes

Congrats!! ^^
GoogleMaps is useless.
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  1. Maybe since its going green, this is where you drop your cans?
  2. A daily news program making such an error is rare and the people doing the preparation derp at the same level as these people-

    Ok, I know many American have good knowledge about the world.

    I think the production of Chaser's War on Everything edit the smart people out and CNN might have hired some people on that video.
  3. TVB Hong Kong, SBS and ABC Australia and BBC UK.
  4. Yeah, why not. I didn't pick up problems like that on the news I watch.
  5. Fox news excluded?
  6. It was a question not a statement. I was just curious because if demigod Glenn Beck is infallible and worked for a large corporate news channel then is fox exempt?

    So who is spouting the propaganda if not the "Anchors" its a reasonable question.
  7. So your saying its the people who own the networks? Not the personalities that spread the message?
  8. So Time Warner, General Electric, Disney, Viacom, Rupert Murdoch, News Corp, and Westinghouse are using their power to influence politics and push personal agendas?
  9. Like who? The trilateral commission? Bilderberg group? Shady shadow organizations secretly manipulating everything from behind the curtain? The kinda shite Dan Brown would put in a novel?

    Im not convinced that the Large Corporations aren't pushing their agenda through manipulation.

    Make the problem sell the solution.
  10. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    I'm not talking about mis-spelled words Pyree. I'm talking about propaganda and outright lies.

    That's why you read from several very different source and do your own comparison and analysis.
  11. All media makes mistakes, it just seems, some dont care when theres retractions made, some media hide those retractions, as they know their readers dont really care, which offers either a lax scenario of bringing the truth, or room for propaganda, which unless found untrue, needs no retractions

    For instance, I find it very telling when one group allows for massive mistakes, but holds the other side to the fire
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