Folder Shares and Permission Issue

Folder move without share and Permissions.

Hello Friends, (sorry... my low English knowledge)
I Facing one problem from many times. I using windows server 2008 standard.
I attached new hard disk.
When i move folders D Drive to E Drive, Its not move shares and permissions.
Somebody says about Robocopy, but its not work.

Please Friends Help Me...........................
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  1. When you move files/folders, the share breaks. You can reshare them out. I don't think robocopy will move share permissions.
  2. Moving a file/folder to another partition will break the original share, it will also have the effect of inheriting the permission of the target partition/folder.

    robocopy will transfer the permissions when the /copyall switch is used, you can also get robocopy to create a log with the /log:filename switch.

    for a complete list of syntax type robocopy /?
  3. Thanks All,

    I used From Command Line. And its Working.
    Here the syntax of command line........
    in cmd type xcopy C:\somefolder E:\backupfolder /D /E /C /R /H /I /K /Y

    This command will copy all files, including those in sub-folders, that are newer in the source folder. It will copy hidden as well as read-only files and will create the destination folder and/or sub-folders if they do not already exist.
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