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ok i have installed bf2.. i hit play bf2 and its just pops up the screen that says bf2 on it... it doesnt like take me to log in or ne thing... wuts is the problem. i have a GeForce 7600 GS video card i just bought and installed and i have 1.5 gig bytes of ram
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  1. also it will not start diablo 2 unless i eject the cd then it will start.... plz someone help me
  2. I dont know if this will help but I found that all the intro and ea ads at the start take ages to get through. So I went to my install dir, Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Movies.
    rename Dice.bik”, “EA.bik”, “Intro.bik”, and “Legal.bik” files to .old or something and then try and load.
  3. vista or xp?
  4. ok i got it to work now... but diablo is still not working.. my pc is xp
  5. Hmph was hoping youd be on vista and forgot to run as admin....
  6. bf2 won't start it acts like it wants to the screen goes blank then it goes back to the desktop I have windows vista and I have downloaded the newest patch
  7. try reinstalling bf2, if that dosnt work, reinstall your graphics card drivers
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