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OK, I am looking to upgrade my mobo, processor and RAM. Current system is ASUS KT133, W/AMD 850 MZ and pc133 (1MB) ram and and GForce 4 TI4400 (i'll keep this for a while), I have been looking at a P4 but am not sold. I would like to have the flexability of an 8XAGP. What can you recommend. I will even consider Rambus Ram if the price is right. Thanks for the help.
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  1. what kind of cash are you looking to spend?

    i'd stick with some ddr333/ddr400 ram instead of rambus. there are some pentium systems that suport it now.

    i recently upgraded to an amd 2400+, wd 120 gb 7200 rpm 8 mb cache hd, and 2 x 512 ddr333 kingston ram cheapies for about $400. i have an epox kt266A that still ran fine. was very happy with the results.
  2. Dont worry about AGP 8X, its not flexible and offers ABSOLUTELY NO PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT OVER AGP 4X!! Get the point? Go for an Athlon XP setup. If your into overclocking you could get a 1700+ Tbred B and overclock it like mad, or you could go for a 2400+ at stock speeds. I would go for the MSI nForce2 Mobo too.

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