Returning Xbox 360 to target...Can I keep the Hard drive?

After much aggravation, I am finally returning my Xbox 360 to target. (It has intermittent RRoD and freezing problems.)

Since, I don't want to lose my save games, can I just keep the hard drive? Will they notice? :sol:
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  1. 36 Hours after I post a question and this is the only response I get?


    This forum is worthless
  2. Its a bit of a silly question tbh. Of course it will be noticed. Its more important as to whether its an issue as you are recieving a new one (im guessing they will want the HDD back). If i were you I would be talking to Target customer service.
  3. I know at the local Gamestop, when exercising the Console Replacement plan, they will let me swap my harddrive with the new harddrive. That's a specialty store though and it probably violates some company policy. I'm guessing target wouldn't let you do it on principle, but that's the cost of buying from a big box I guess.

    Honestly the only way to be sure is to nut up and ask them.
  4. Okay, so I finally got around to return it today. The dumb bitch who I gave it to, didn't even ask about the hard drive. She did, however, open up the Kung Fu Panda case and made sure I hadn't pilfered any of the two retarded games that came with the xbox, lol :lol: :lol:

    So now I got all my money back and can get a 360 Arcade on the cheap, slap my hard drive on it and have a better system than I had before, all while making a profit. Thankyou, Micro$oft. Without your crappy soldering skills, this never would have happened.

    P.S. LMAO at pr2thej
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