What's a good game controller for FPS/Flight combat simulators?

So I'm new to PC gaming. I like first person shooters and combat flight simulators. What's the best / most popular way to control FPS? 1. Is it best to use the keyboard and mouse or should I get a controller (logitech has one similar to an xbox controller)? Gonna buy CRYSIS, CRYSIS Warhead, FEAR 2, and FARCRY 2. 2. Anyonther suggestions? I don't see alot of flight simulator games out there 3. Any recomendations for a good Combat flight simulator/ joystick for one?
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  1. For FPS on the PC I don't think anything beats a good mouse / keyboard combo - they tend not to have the aiming optomisations that make controllers useable so you actually have to do some aiming effort yourself ;)

    For Flight Sims, the Saitek X52 v2 seems pretty good, though I'm only going on friends experiences as I don't play FS myself.
  2. agree with kyzarvs, good mouse and keyboard for FPS. My bro uses the saitek X52 with FSX and thinks its great.
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