A7V333 problem...or no?

Hi...I don't now where to post my problem because i don't now what is wrong...
My problem is that I change my palomino 1600+ to a
Tbred-B 1700+ and when I installed into my mobo it recognize it in bios without any problem, but when I boot to win xp my system hangs and does not enter to windows xp...I try then with a Tbreb-B 1800+ with the same result...so I format and install windows 98 and boot perfectly...I put both CPUs into my Brothers mobo MSI KT3 Ultra and both boot perfect in WinXp...so my question is where the problem is? is my mobo, windows xp, my bios or anything else...i'm totally lost please help.

Now i'm running now with a palomino 1900+ (is not mine) with windows xp sp1 without any problem

A7V333 bios 1016
Palomino 1900+
512mb ram DDR333 Samsung
ATI Radeon 8500LE 128mb 275/275
Maxtor 40gb 7200rpm
Maxtor 60bg 7200rpm
DVD Sony

that is my system...please help =)
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  1. Well, I could be totally wrong here but just so you don't think we're leaving ya hanging here goes...

    The chip DEFINITELY should not be the problem if it's working at all (like you said on your Bro's PC) but had anything changed in your BIOS?

    I recently made the same change and did these steps:

    1. Make sure you have the newest BIOS for your motherboard, in my case I needed it to utilize multipliers.
    2. Reset my BIOS when I boot with my new chip (so BEFORE you decide to OC the crap outta it)
    3. Make sure you correctly reseat your HSF. I've seen many 'a PC fall victim to a poorly seated HSF (which made poor contact with the CPU).

    Can you do those things and try again? One more thing...Windows 98? With that system?

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  2. Sounds to me like you need a BIOS upgrade.

    It's not important to know all the answers, as long as you know how to contact someone who does.
  3. i will going to try to do both things...i was thinking flashback the bios because there is no new bios on ASUS for this board...
  4. Just reset the BIOS, dont need to reflash it. It seems like something in BISO was causing XP to hang. Check the bios settings with whats on the other pc that it worked on with xp.

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