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Didn't know where to put this thread but here we go.

Recenty i've bought a new computer and after installing drivers etc. i installed wow to check out the preformance. I found that the fps it rather low and memoery usage on red level all the time. My FPS is at around 60 and when i move around and look to the sides it often drops below 30. That gives my fps a frame from 60-20 fps which is way lower then the 160-200 fps I'm runing other games withm on ultra-high graphics, as Need for speed undercover, Fallout 3, Red alert 3 etc. When it comes to the memory usage it makes me get errors if i dont reset it in wow rather often. Resetting it means that I i use TItanbars and click on the preformance frame to "throughout the garbage" whatever that means.

Generel build:

motherboard: Asus Rampage II Extreme, X58
processor: Intel Core™ i7 Quad Extreme
Ram: DDR3 1333MHz 6GB KIT x 2
graphic card: GeForce GTX 295

operative system: Vista ultimate

This is a rahter big issue for me as wow is one of the main reasons i bought this computer. I know it should be running around 300-400 fps if not more, but it's not.

Thanks before hand
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  1. depending on how its built....the gtx 295 is 2x 280's on 1 chip and wow only supports 1 card, not sli.

    ive got a computer with vista ultimate too and a gtx 280 and 4gb ram and i get 60fps forever but i have vsync on i usually run 100-150 when its off

    i have a friend on sli 9800gtx's that plays wow and his wow uses a lot of his memory too, he had 4gb but it filled up, he put another 2gb in and it ran better, maybe get 2gb more ram?
  2. @shift He's got 12GB!
  3. i thought he said 6gb, my bad, lol.
  4. Are you running vista 32 bit or 64 bit?
  5. wtf you bought an i7 rig with a Nvidia 295 for WoW?! Thats insane.

    I assume you are using various addons. Go back to Vanilla WoW and rebuild your interface piece by piece.
    Other than that its the SLI thingy above.
  6. I would highly suspect that whoever put the system together should have known that the 64-bit version of the OS was the only way to use all that RAM... but ya never know. So if not 64-bit, buy 64-bit version asap. If it is 64 bit, thenit sounds like it could potentially be a BIOS issue. Make sure your BIOS is recognizing all that memory, because there is no way you should be having low memory issues if everything is configured.
  7. i have the same issue here. core i7 8gb ram dual geforce295gtx>>> sli and low fps in wow (almost forgot win7 ultimate 64-bit)

    playd on my dad's pc before dualcore... geforce8800ultra and is currently running better then mine in wow
  8. I'm using an antique computer with an ATI (AGP/512) video card. 2GB's RAM. Windows XP Home and a P4 1.2 CPU overclocked to 2.3GHz.

    And, even with this old stuff, my FPS are generally 60fps EXCEPT WHEN ENTERING THE TOWN OF "DALARAN!" -- There, my fps sometimes drop to 1.3pfs. If I don't move my character at all, and just wait until the massive amount of data for that city loads, the fps increase to above 30fps.

    I've had to set my Video Options and Effects to very low settings. But, the game still plays and looks beautiful.

    But, as you might guess, I'm visiting Tom's Hardware Guide almost every day... looking for info to buy or build a 64-bit system. I'm tired of getting unexplained Windows' Fatal Error #132 messages (which crash the game every 5-to-15 minutes)!

    Good luck to you.
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