Warhammer vs wow

i like warhammer better than wow cause it kicks ass.

which do you like?
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  1. way to explain why you like it more, i had no one to play warhammer with or i would still be playing it, it seems less social than wow, and it needs AA bad.
  2. :heink:

  3. i like the game warhammer more because it seems a little more real than wow (not the fact that there both fantasy) the fighting style bugs the crap out of me in wow ( ive played all classes in wow and have unlocked a fair deed amount) Im only posting this thing tho because i only wanted people just too say whether they like wow or warhammer...the social experience i have to agree with you on though but then again the social experience depends on the person playing the game. like me and all my friends play warhammer. I also like the story alot better and the graphics arnt crap even on a crap video card. that is why i like warhammer more than wow. :o
  4. only my opion though...
  5. Surely you can tell which is more popular from the subscriber figures?
    400k Vs 11.5m (approx)
  6. sneaky cactus said:
    i like warhammer better than wow cause it kicks ass.

    which do you like?

    I do hope that with opening gambits like this you have decided to not play Eve after all :D

    To your question though - I haven't seen a PC yet that is bad enough to not play WoW, fair play to Blizzard on a great engine. I'm not sure that WH does low graphics better, but I'm open to persuasion.

    I have a soft spot for WoW - I don't play it any more (still an EQ addict hoping to move to Eve full-time), but I could see the simple appeal.
  7. I love Wow, I love warhammer. I am playing WOW at the moment but see myself returning to warhammer in the future. Both are quality games, WOW has been out longer and their new expansion is truly amazing.
  8. i played it on a gtx 280 and the graphics still werent great, but they arent cartoonsih like wows

    i tried to turn AA on in the nvidia control panel and it didnt work and i felt like i was playing tetris.
  9. similar bad experiences with WAR graphics engine. I dont think its very well built at all. Game is fun though...loved how they throw you right into PvP.
  10. Ive played both. For roughly equal amounts of time. Honestly, I didn't like either one enough to keep playing it. If I had to choose one over the other I would take WoW. Warhammer pvp is a joke. The whole concept of doing a keep siege PvE in a 'pvp' game is retarded. Don't get me started on how stupid the stairways in the keeps are or that the BO dont give some boost to the faction that controls them. Not to mention that the game cant even handle large scale pvp, which was its major selling point.

    Im glad you like it though. Cheers.
  11. I have palyed both games but i perfer warhammer it brings a fresh new feel to MMO with its Public questing and the PVP does have some issues but Mythic is working to correct these issues. When the PVP works the way it was setup it is a blast. I have played every Class in the game on both sides to level 12 but i am sticking with destruction and currently leveling my favs a 36 Blackguard,31 zealot, 28 maraduer.

    There is a new patch coming out next week!! Cross fingers. :bounce:

    Have fun what ever you are doing!! :pt1cable:
  12. I have been hoping for a RTS based on the warhammer fantasy tabletop game for a long time now and it looks like warhammer online may be the closest thing we'll ever see. I dabbled in the actual tabletop game for awhile and think it is awesome, however I am not much of an artist and the painting of the models was difficult for me, not to mention extremely expensive to build an army. If only they could make a pc game similar to the tabletop game, but I assume it would threaten their core business of making models.
  13. nsimo86 said:
    I have been hoping for a RTS based on the warhammer fantasy tabletop game for a long time now


    gotta be a typo....
  14. oh nm you mean the warhammer with elves and barbarians and such
  15. yeah, I was never really into the 40k series
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