Dunno how to install this game

i down loaded a game PES2009 and its 1.5gb with only one file PES2009.exe when i click on it i dont get any thing i only see the MS dos flashes ''open and close quickly'' so if any one know about this kinda application just tell me what should i do to install this game ...thank you all
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  1. Where was it downloaded from?
  2. i used the Aries to download it
  3. Ahh so pirated then?
    I hope it infects your PC with a really nasty virus :D
  4. really ,but i have a very strong anti virus nd didnt show anything that shows that i have a virus :P
  5. Yeah, You get what you pay for. Or in your case, pay for what you (try to) get (for free).
    Sounds like you've downloaded something that isn't PES.
    Well done.

    In future if you want help with pirated software, look elsewhere.
  6. i thought maybe some one would help me ..i had like this problem before nd my brother helped me it was an .iso application nd he burn it ina cd nd it worked ..but this time its not working with this game
  7. Try deleting your system32 folder, windows regenerates it without the problems.
  8. Pay for your games and you would get a much better response. Its us honest people like us who have to suffer with DRM and high prices because of scum like you.
  9. +1

    I warned you earlier Joe ...IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME... you dud
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