What to improve?

heres my rig- im going to be getting another 800 dollars this summer and i'm wondering what to upgrade?

RAM: corsair 800Mhz 2Gb sticks x2 (4gb total)
Processor: Intel Core 2 duo E8400 3.0 GHz
Video Card: EVGA Geforce Nvidia 9800GTX +
Case: NCIX XION 2 ATX tower
PSU: 700W unkown brand
Hard Drive: Seagate Barrracuda 320 Gb 7200
motherboard: Asus P5N-D SLI compatible
DRIVE: LG dvd+/-rw reader/write
Mouse: Razer diamonback (plasma blue)
Keyboard: Logitech g15 2nd generation
Headset: Altec Lansing AHS615 (surround sound)CRAP
Speakers: logitech somethings
SCREEN: samsung 2253bw widescreen 1680x1050 res 2 milisecond response time 22 inch

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  1. I also should add my main games are CS:S, WOW, Crysis, COD4 and GTA4. Average results:
    Counter strike source maxed: 250 fps
    WOW maxed out: 60 fps
    Crysis all on high: 30 fps
    COD4 maxed: 90 fps
    GTA4 mid/high: 32 fps

    thanks again
  2. get a huge monitor.

    a new hard drive would be nice, can always recycle those in a newer pc too.
  3. you could grab another 9800gtx for SLI or just buy a next gen card like the gt295. Maybe get an aftermarket heatsink to overclock your cpu to around 4ghz. You could also set up a Raid 0 array for your games to load faster. Other than that your rig looks good.
  4. Oh, just noticed you said your headset is crap. You could get a nice set like the Plantronics Gamecom 777 with the built in sound card. I have the gamecom 377 and its awesome (I already had a sound card). Then spend the rest on some new games!
  5. Generic PSU :(
  6. SLI or spend your money on something more interesting - it's not exactly an over-the-hill stup ;)
  7. If that was my rig, and I had an extra $800 to blow, here are some of things I would look at buying:

    New golf clubs
    New fishing rods and tackle
    Bob's Outdoors has a couple of really nice shotguns on sale right now..
    New Brakes for the truck.
    New lawn mower.
    New kicker motor for the boat.
    New storage building for the back yard.

    But probably the best thing to do with the $800, put it aside for a rainy day. There are probably going to be a lot them over the next several months.

    Your computer is better than 99% of the people out there have.
    Why you want to dump another $800 into it is pretty foolish, IMHO.
  8. Go for a dual monitor setup.
  9. A few things to add: my monitor is a new purchase (i upgraded from 19") so im not planning on getting a new one
    also, the PSU did not come with the case, its a 700W that i purchased seperately, i just forget the name.
    As for SLI, those of you that have the 9800GTX+ know that its MASSIVE! with my possible sound card and wireless adapter for when my dad unplugs me in the middle of a scrim, theres not much space left. I think that to run SLI, i would neen a different motherboard (bigger)

    keep the suggestions coming!
  10. If you are really set on spending all that money then just get the fastest core2quad your mobo will support and put the rest towards upgrading your graphics. You can either ditch the wireless pci card for a usb adapter so you can fit SLI or just pick up either a gtx295 or HD 4870x2.
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