P4G8X and P4 400MHz FSB...which memory?

I tried the search function without specific results, so I apologize if this has been asked.
I have a P4 2.4Ghz chip with the 400Mhz FSB. I want to use the P4G8X motherboard becuase of the ease for future upgrades. Assuming this chip and motherboard combo, which memory will work with the FSB "issue"? I know that PC1600 will work just fine without the need to tweek, but I'd rather buy memory which can accomodate a future chip with 533Mhz FSB. Which will work best? PC2700, PCXX00 etc. I am hoping for any memory with just a setting change in the BIOS.

Please help.
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  1. Well, I hope this could help you with your decision....I would go for the PC3200. PC2700 runs a FSB of 333 while the 3200 runs at 400. From there it's RAMBUS PC800 and PC1066 and I haven't seen "better than DDR400" reviews for RAMBUS. I'd stick with DDR400. Did it help any?
  2. I guess what I am looking for is confirmation of a working system. The motherboard supports DDR266 and DDR200. DDR200(PC1600) is more expensive and "not as fast" as DDR266 (PC2100). I'd like to buy DDR266 for this reason, and that way, next year when I get a hyperthread chip, I can use the same memory. So will the DDr266 work with the slower FSB? Will the motherboard just run the memory slower? I gues I'm just not as all knowing as I thought I was.
  3. You said you were looking for future upgradability. Well, even PC3200 would work, it would simply run at the slower speed. That would allow you to have the proper memory for the "800" bus processors when they become available.

    Anyway, I would suggest PC2700 as a decent comprimise. It will work at PC2100 speed (for "533" bus processors), and allow some overclocking on those processors.

    If you never plan on overclocking and only plan to increase the CPU to one with a "533" bus, PC2100 will also work.

    You see, ALL memory is capable of running at a slower speed. The "speed" of memory is the maximum the company garuntees it to work at, there is no minimum.

    Use name brand memory.

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