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I have a computer on my network running XP, with Outlook 2003. It is a new computer, and quite fast.

I have a big load of emails inside Outlook, but I don't think that is the problem. It is slow navigating around. However, when I virtually connect to our Terminal Server and run Outlook 2000, navigation is smooth and fast.

Is there anything I can do or should know about Outlook 2003 with XP that would improve speed and smoothness?
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  1. There is something not right with your setup, and by this time you suppose to know that newer products from MS become slower with each release, but from what I've seen.. it will run "normally" if you'll run it from win2k machine, which is probably not an option for you there (I have 250+ megs of junk in it and it runs fine on 1700+). I can guerrenty (guessing you have that machine with factory setup) that if you reinstall windows XP and put Of03 back on fresh install, it WILL run normally "for a while".

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  2. How slow are we talking? It seems to run fine on my 1GHz work machine and my cousin's K6-2 550.

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  3. Try turing off = Use Cached Exchange Mode under email account settings, to see if that will speed up outlook for you.

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