Half life 2 vista 64bit error

When I start the game hl2.exe , the valve screen apears , then the menu screen, in theat moment the game crash and a error screen apears ! it says saomething about LOW memory ! :cry: the PC has 4Gb DDR2 800+ A-Data ! The game works on XP 32 , is the same DVD ! sorry for my english ( I'm from S-E Europe)
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  1. Never heard of A-Data tbh.
    What info does CPU-Z give on the DIMMS?

    Try to boot with one stick at a time to check for bad modules.
    Also, ctrl+alt+del and check out what background processes are running. If this is a pre-built PC then you may have a lot of bloatware - unnecessary software taking up valuable Memory.
    As a final though, check your page file settings and make sure it is active.
  2. No, I made the sitem from pices :D : Intel qouad core Q6600 , ATI Radeon HD4870 512bit DDR5 , Motherboard Gygabite ( http://www.pcgarage.ro/placi-de-baza/gigabyte/ga-ep31-ds3l/ ) , and the DDR2 800+ from A-Data ! ( http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AData/Vitesta-800-4GB/4.html )
  3. Ok mate. Do me a favour, and respond to each suggestion please. I understand theres a language barrier, cant help that im afraid.

    - CPU-z report

    - Check Page File

    - Boot with one DIMM at a time

    - Check background processes
  4. soory man I'm not home right now , I'm at work ! :D
  5. Lol same. Well post up when you get a chance.
  6. anyway , 10x for help man !
  7. Try this:

    Go to your Steam- My Games, right click Half-Life 2, go down to properties.
    Click on 'Set Launch Options'.
    Put "-32bit" in the box (without the speech marks), hit okay/apply and then run the game.

    Hopefuly that should fix the issue, I had some trouble getting the game to run natively in 64bit mode, unfortunately this seems to be down to a recent patch that valve released.. seemed to break it for me anyway.
  8. im getting random crashes then i get the HL2 not responding. I changed it to 32bit but i lost my saved games :( are there any patches that correct the issue with 64bit?
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