WTB: Mini ITX Mobo for Home Server/NAS, $30

I'm planning on building a NAS/Home Server and am looking for a Mini ITX board, preferably like the Zotac GF6100 that can support 4 SATA HDDs.

I don't care if it is Intel or AMD; I will look for the CPU and memory after I buy the board.

Only looking to spend about $30 since I can get that Zotac for $54.99 new. I know it seems like a longshot, but I might as well try.
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    I just posted before you boiler, you can see my thread. I've got two of the atomd410 mobo's available. they only have two sata ports, but I do have a PCI card i was using that has 2 extra sata ports and a pata port. msg me if you're interested.
  2. I was hoping to put a dual core on the board, so that's why I was trying to find just the motherboard. I'll keep your boards in mind though.
  3. Gotcha, I didn't notice that the board you listed wasn't embedded. Good luck!
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