Asus A7V333 and more than 1gb PC2700.


I have the Asus A7V333 mobo with Rad 9700 Pro, XP2100 +, SB Audigy and currently 1gb PC2700 DDR 333.

I have been trying to up mem to 1.5gb and have tried 2 different brands of 512mg PC2700 from 2 different companies.

The moment I add more mem above 1gb the machine hangs or doesnt boot correctly.

POST recognises it fine.

Any ideas why this board might struggle with more than 1gb of mem?


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  1. ??? what brands of ram are they.. there may be a conflict between the two...

    why do you need so much ram??

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  2. I think your problem is not the amount of RAM, but the amount of memory sticks you are using. I read somewhere that the VIA KT333 chipset only supports PC2700 memory if you use one or two memory sticks. If you use 3, it recognizes the memory as PC2100. So if you are using 3 sticks, try setting your memory as PC2100, and it'll probably work.

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