Growing Tired_need help

Any ideas or help appreciated.

A system I have is giving me major headaches.

Athlon 2600
ATI radeon 9600pro (128MB)
512 DDR333
40GB IBM Deskstar
Soundcard- Cmedia 4.1
Windows XP pro

The problem is it drops back to the desktop every time I try to play the following games
Nascar Racing 2003
F-1 1999-2002
Medal of Hononr
Call of Duty

I have tried the following drivers.

ATI- 3.7, 3.8 , 3.9 & 4.7's
Two different sound card drivers
Tried using OB sound with two drivers
VIA hyperion drivers 4.4 & 4.5

I have tried different RAM
Different graphics card (Nvidia GF4 ti4200)
Taken out sound card and used OB sound
I do have another HD available but I don't see how it can be that.
I have also used a Soltek Nforce2 board.

I don't think its the CPU- I have put in an XP2000 and it did the same.

Tried a different power supply.

I have tried changing some BIOS settings but I don't really know what they mean such as video cache etc.

I can think what else to do.
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  1. Oh and the system uses an ABit K-7 m/b
    and a 350watt PSU

    THere are two sticks of DDR333 ram in currently but I have used one atick of 512mb ddr333 for same result.

    I have done many reinstalls of XP so I don't think it can be a virus and also ran check with Norton.

    I am really fed up with this system-

    oh and lastly the CPU runs at about 45c to 47c.
  2. I'd say it has to be the Motherboard. Try reformatting if you haven't already first.
  3. First, let me congratulate the way you've been handling the problem.

    While it's true that about the only thing you haven't tried replacing is the motherboard, I'm beginning to suspect that it may be tied in with one thing I DON'T see listed: DirectX. An incompatible version can cause just such a problem. I've had to reinstall Windows and stay with an older DirectX just to please a game, so I'm speaking from experience.

    Guve it a try... what have you got to lose?

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  4. Hopeless.

    Direct X may be an issue, but it is one that can not be solved to my satisfaction. F-1 Racing ran fine until I installed direct x 9b. All games still crash.

    I just don't want it to be the motherboard, Its the newest part!

    Could it be the CPU? CAn a faulty cpu cause games to drop back to the desktop? THe CPU is 2nd hand. Perhaps the previous owner had a problem with it......

    I am going to whip out a XP chip from one of the other machines just to be sure.

    I will be back.
  5. All I can offer is that in almost every game disaster I've had, DirectX version was an issue. Second usually comes video driver version. The CPU could be at fault, but it's a long way down the list. My third choice would have been bad RAM, either on the motherboard or on the video card.

    I'll be waiting for the result of your test.

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  6. Well, as you suspected it was not the CPU.

    IT works fine in another unit and the problem PC has an XP2000 chip in it now and the same problem is occuring.

    Pretty much totally stumped now!

    System has in it-

    XP 2000 CPU (tested in other system- fine)
    2x DDR333 RAm sticks (tested in other system- fine)
    40 GB Hard drive (tested in other system- fine)
    CD Rom( tested in other system- fine)
    300wattt PSU (tested in other system- fine)
    ATI Radeon 9600pro (tested in other system- did have issue with this and Call of Duty but it is appartently a common issue)
    On board sound
    Abit KV7 Board
    Have also tried a 16bit sound card which came from aother system but no cigar.
    System TEmp and CPU temp okay.
    XP Pro with SP 1
    Direct X 9.0b
    ATi catalyst 4.7's

    System still drops back to windows desktop in F-1 99-02, Nascar Racing 2003 and frezes or crashes during Medal of Honor and Call of Duty.

    Maybee I should just break it up and sell offf the parts!

    I have tried other video drivers (don't even remember which now- but a few anyway) and I need Direct X 9.0b to run the games so I don't know what to do now.
  7. Actually, the system isn't all bad. You have what looks to me like some basic problem between the motherboard (and possible drivers) and the video card with its drivers. The symptoms I've seen too many times to think much of anything else. As you know, it doesn't have to be a KNOWN problem to kill your system.

    Now, what to do about it? Let's look at the options and steps-

    1) Check A-Bit for updates to the motherboard AGP drivers. These can kill you as fast as a regular video driver. While you're there, I'd look for BIOS updates that might mention video systems. I don't know your board personally, but I assume from the CPU that it's a year or two old. More likely two.

    2) Try to borrow another video card. Preferably an nVidia-powered one. If this works, then the next step is pretty obvious. If that doesn't cure it, then I'd go hunting for a different (not necessarily newer) video driver for the ATI card.

    If neither of those two steps fixes things, then I'd go hunting for another motherboard. It's probably cheaper than a new video card, actually. And (need I say it?) I'd stay away from A-Bit :). In fact, you might want to go to the Motherboard & Chipset forum and post asking for others with this problem or suggestions on people playing those games and ask what THEIR motherboard/video card's are.

    That's about all I can say at the end. If nothing else works, replace the mobo or video card. You can't rule out some freaky hardware problem.

    Or, of course, put those games aside (or sell them) and play something else. I realize that's not the answer you want, but that is very definitely the way computing goes. These companies can't possibly test all combos, so they do the mainstream and let tech support worry about the rest.

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