SATA Raid on A7N8X hard or soft?


Can anyone tell me wheter the RAID-feature of the Silicon Image-chip onboard the A7N8X is a real Hardware RAID or does it use CPU-time to work?

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  1. As far as I know it's a hardware RAID, as it is controlled by the silicon images chipset, but don't quote me on that. I am pretty damn sure that it is hardware, though.

    XP 2500+ Barton @ 2235Mhz
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    Onboard audio
  2. ALL embedded raid controllers are hardware raid. The firmware on the raid controller manages the array, there-for your operating system is not used to manage your array. This is why CPU and Memory recources are not used.
  3. HHMMM...I've heard many people who think that motherboards with onboard RAID have the minimum hardware required for RAID, and can be considered as a "chip with a BIOS" and not real hardware RAIDs. PCI RAID controllers, on the other hand, allow more RAID options e.g RAID 5 and use less CPU resources.

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  4. Gaviota is correct

    On-Board Raid is not as good as standalone raid.

    I've actually seen this theory put to the test...

    Friend of mine has an onboard RAID controller..It's a Promise chipset..ran a series of benchmarks...and then disabled the onboard array..and installed a PCI raid card that was using the same chipset as the onboard raid...the standalone card was faster...albeit not a huge difference...but enough to make note...

    Theoretically onboard RAID could be faster..if the chipsets used were controllers that didn't use system resources to make calculations...and that's the difference with onboard RAID...


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