I was just wondering if this computer would run Crysis, and if so, how well.

I'd like to run at high-very high at 30fps +, so if this can't run it, could you make some recommendations as to how I could achieve that?

E6600 @ 2.40GHz


XP PRO, service pack 2


I have a 22 inch monitor, so resolution would be a factor as well.

Thanks again!
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  1. What resolution do you want to play at?
    I reckon you are lacking in a few departments, would suggest overclocking your E6600. Whats the deal with the RAM, how is that set up?
    The GPU will struggle as well at higher resolutions, you may get away with 30fps at med/high but you would need to step upto at least a 260.

    Dont get me wrong its not a bad little rig, but Crysis very high is just another level.
  2. Change the E to a Q6600,

    change the RAM to 4Gb +

    The GPU should be fine on High (But would recommend GTX260/280 or 4870)

    22" would mean 1680\1050 res, this should be capable

    also if u want to run on Very High then u will require Vista 64 for the RAM (4Gb if upgraded) and for the DX10 requirements.

    If stickin with XP, then ur system should be nearly capable with Crysis on High
    i cant gaurentee that Crysis will run at 30Fps constantly, but it will be close most of the time.

    if u upgrade as specified, then DX10 capability would make it look amazin and run very nicely with some settings on V-high and some on just High.
  3. is there any point to >3Gb of RAM with only a 32bit OS?
  4. 4Gb for dual channel speediness ye? 2+1+1+ VRAM = over the XP limit...he is just a tad over it now.
    Probably not worth the $20 for an extra GB without 64 bit OS, Toms research says 5% improvement for Single Vs Dual channel RAM.

    Edit: beat me to it :lol:
  5. Hmm, yeah I figured with XP any more RAM would be overkill, and also figured that the processor was probably my weakest point. What would you guys recommend for a new processor, preferably under 200$ US?
  6. In addition, how would the system in its current state / improved state (w/ new processor) deal with games other than crysis (obviously a very intense game). In perticular I'm thinking Far Cry 2/Warhead (supposed to be more lenient on specs)/Mass Effect?
  7. Why dont you overclock that CPU to 3.2GHz? If you want to spend money then OC / GPU or upgrade to 64 bit.
    General rule is if you can run Crysis on very high then you will have no issues with anything save possibly GTA IV.
    Mass Effect is getting on, won't have a prob. Same for Farcry 2 actually, little short of Warhead methinks.
  8. Not to sound like a noob, but how do you overclock :/? I've newish to PC Gaming, learning mostly from experience, and I've heard it's easy to kill parts overclocking too hard. Any advice or programs for overclocking?
  9. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW now theres a question :D

    Start by learning your BIOS and what everything does.
    Google some "e6600 overclocks". Post when you got a good question. Only investment *might* be a new aftermarket heatsink and fan, with some thermal paste if you havent got any. be warned it can get pretty technical so if you aint prepared to learn a few new things then back away slowly.

    Recommended Programs:
    Diagnosis - CPU-z, SiSoft Sandra learn whats in your PC
    Monitoring - Speedfan, Everest keeps an eye on your temps, know what your chips max is
    Stress Testing - 3D Marks, Prime 95 Memtest kicks the crap outta your components so you know they are stable

    Anyone ever tells you to get a piece of Windows software to OC with then poke em in the eyes.
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