ASUS HD 5870 $250 +Shipping or lower Nvidia card + cash

Hi I am selling my ASUS Reference 5870 with voltage tweak.
Card is in perfect condition, never oc'd outside of CCC. (900/1225)
Runs just about everything maxed out.
Comes with the box and all the accessories
Purchased brand new for $409.99 5 months ago
Asking for $250 + $15 shipping, or for an older nVidia card (gts250, gtx260 etc...) + cash
PM me any offers

Thanks for looking.
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  1. wow 24 views already and nothing huh?
  2. I have a GTX 260.. how much cash you looking for?
  3. like $175 with a GTX260. i think thats pretty reasonable.
  4. Got a bid on ebay for one. Once that ends we can sort out the details.
  5. for a gtx260 or a 5870? if its a gtx260 what brand is it?
  6. For another 5870. I am going to CF with the one I already have.
  7. so if u win that one on ebay your not going to buy mine then right?
  8. That is correct.
  9. $150+ EVGA 9800 GTX+
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