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WTB: AM3 cooler

Hey guys,

Looking for a better cooler than my stock Athlon II X4 620 cooler.
Looking for a cool yet silent cooler... Been trying to silence this thing for awhile..

AM3 socket...
Trying to stay pretty cheap, definitely under $50.

PM, thanks!
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    The Cooler Master Hyper 212+ is a great cooler (have it running in my system with 2 fans and don't hear it) and is only $30 brand spanking new (with 1x120mm fan).

    If you get it on Amazon, shipping is free, and it's $25.
  2. Sweet, thanks, will definitely look into it!
    Though, still looking for used ones (could always use some cheap good ones :p)
  3. hey i have a coolermaster Hyper N520 for $20 shipped.
    as for quiet, its extremely quiet, somewhat regretted the noise after replacing this with a Corsair H70
  4. Hmm, the 212+ moves more air, and would probably be cooler....
    Thanks though..
  5. yeah ^+1 to the hyper 212+ has my 955 at 4.0 ghz and it performs easily like some of the 60-100 dollars cpu coolers
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