XP SP2 Release candidate 2

Anyone install this service pack and afterwards have an issue with standby & hibernation not being available?
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  1. gg, long live w2k, lol

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  2. Be nice blah or we'll lock you in the tower again!

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  3. Please if you can't awnser anything pertaining to the topic, please don't post.
  4. lol, long live w2k, gg

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  5. <b>Its BETA testing software,</b> report the problem to Microsoft so they can resolve it, did you think it was going to run flawlessly, its BETA software man and you are the guinnea pig, theres no help here for that, except to tell you to reinstall WinXP without SP2!

    Go to Microsoft, and they more than likely won't help you resolve the issue, but you can make them aware of it, so they can address it, in the next release candidate.

    They're having numerous problems with SP2 and have pushed back the release date for SP2. Everyone in the program knows they are testing the software and reporting problems to Microsoft, so do your job or get out of it bonehead!

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  6. Don't worry blah, SHHH!!!I stole a set of keys from the devils advocate, and right now Win2K RULES suckas!!! :smile:

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  7. Man, it's just a freaking horribel. Few days ago I've decided to give it another try after a year of being "off duty" as a "lab rat" and leme tell ya, after having it for two days on my laptop and sweating my ars off, I've imaged it back to win2k. Network with win2k is non existent, mouse freezes every 3 mins for 2 seconds becaz XP is "thinking of something", games freeze/jumping as well (same reason I guess), printer settings go back to XP's "defaults" after setting my OWN preferences, blah blah blah.. Don't think will try for another year (at least:o(

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  8. You can't be serious!

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  9. Hey, if we are still on the topic... The hibernation and standby might be turned off. Go in the Device Manager and go to "View>Show hidden devices" and see if there are any disabled ones. I don't remember what's it called, but its some system device. I had this one disabled, so my Advanced Power Management won't work, and I would have to shut down my PC manually, no standby, or anything like that.
  10. I was 99.9485769376854395% certain about it, but guess he did figure it out by this time that after windows "reinstall" (XP SP counts as one;) everything windows management related becomes defauled back to "fresh state".

    PS: it is in power properties (display settings will get you there;)

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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