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8x vs 4x AGP PE vs SIS655/Granitbay

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March 29, 2003 7:04:34 AM

im looking at a mobo based on the p4 pe chipset, but they only support 1.5volt AGP 4x cards, would their be any problem with an 8x AGP running in this mobo, like say a 9700/9800 or an fx

also, im looking at pe because it significantly cheaper
if i go this route im looking at a gigabyte ga-pe667 w/audio/usb2.0
and corsair pc2700 cas 2.0 512

what i was wondering is does anyone think sis 655 or intel granite bay will provide significant speed increases/features

if i buy one these boards i'll be buying micron original cas2.5 pc2700 2x 256 to enable dual ddr

thoughts anyone?

processor will be a 2.4b or a 2.5 ghz p4

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More about : agp sis655 granitbay

March 29, 2003 8:22:04 AM


GA-8PE667 ultra 2
2.4 Ghz P4
2x512 Mb DDR (1Gb total)

i have a 4x card installed currently but i have had an 8x card installed with NO PROBLEM.

i only have the 4x card because the computer company STUFFED UP so many times and that is the one i ended up having
Nvidia gforce4 ti4200 128Mb

so yes an 8x card will work as its backwards compatible.
but you will only see the 4x speeds.

our systems will be pretty similar and the only reason i went with Nvidia instead of ATI is because i used openGL programs that have huge compatibility problems with ATI.

see ya

March 29, 2003 3:02:26 PM

well thats good to know, hows your system cooling wise? im planning to have 2 8cm fans for outtake at the back of my case, and 2 more pumping air in, one at the front and one on the side panel above the processor
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March 29, 2003 3:07:35 PM

I say granite bay all the way ;) 

I'm using it now with no problems...

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March 29, 2003 3:21:58 PM

ok, after a bit more research im also considering an sis 648 chipset, any thoughts? as well are there any performance differences between the gigabyte ga-8pe667 and the ga-8pe667 pro? or is it just features
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March 29, 2003 9:55:02 PM

Most 648 boards have problems running DDR400 or AGP8x. The most stable manufacturer to get around these problems is Gigabyte.

As for the 655, you'll see a noticable increase in performance as long as you use PC3200 at full speed in dual channel with the fastest memory timings, except at Cas2.5. Cas2 doesn't seen to work right on these boards, but with PC3200 Cas2.5 will outperform basically anything else.

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March 30, 2003 6:47:17 AM

is this the only reason to go with sis 655, cause im not prepared to spend the money on pc3200 so i suppose i'll scratch that chipset off my list
March 30, 2003 8:14:14 AM

as for cooling

i have 1 8cm fan of the back blowing out and the other on the front blowing in!!!!
1 standard intel boxed fan on the CPU. and one on the powersuply as well as another on the videocard, and finally the small one on the northbridge

well 6 fans total but non that i installed myself.
all standard issue ones.

and it runs at about 25-29 degrees celcius all the time. (it has gotten up to about 32 at full load, with the heater on in my room) (i have a case thermometer that came with the case)

so cooling is fine!!!!!!
i am not an overclocker though (whats the point, why not spend the extra money not on cooling gear but a better CPU)

as for stability its fine, no problems there.

and i really do like the features of the "8pe667 ultra 2"

comes with everything onboard except a modem!!

so i actually have NO PCI cards even though it has 6 slots.
as i connect to the internet via the 10/100/1000 ethernet jack (through the internet gateway we have set up)

hope that helps!!!

p.s. you have SATA and PATA, as well as ata133 RAID
so you can have up to 10 IDE devices as well as a FDD.
which is HEAPS
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March 30, 2003 4:37:00 PM

I researched this quite a bit, and come up with the following list for stock speed performance:

655 with PC3200 (DDR400)
i850E with RIMM4200
i850E with PC1066
SiS 648 with PC3200 (DDR400)
i845PE with PC2700 (DDR333)

Supposedly things get weird when you overclock. The 7205 should climb towards the top as you overclock and use faster memory, like PC2700 Cas2.

The reason I didn't list a memory type with the 7205 is because in dual channel mode it has to run sychronously. So PC2100 would work fine at stock speed, but you'd want PC2700 to allow overclocking.

Also at stock speed the 7205 in dual channel mode is roughly the same speed as the i845PE with PC2700.

Some i845PE boards allow you to use the 3:4 CPU:RAM ratio (normally used to run PC2100 with a "400 bus" P4) at all speeds, so that a stock "533" bus you could run your memory at 177MHz, aka DDR354. This puts the i845PE over the 7205 in some test, but some PC2700 won't overclock well to this speed, and you've already crossed off PC3200.

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March 30, 2003 7:15:46 PM

from the research ive done it seems that the performance margin between all of the chipsets is really quite small, so whats your opinion though? would i see a noticeable performance increase over the pe with another chipset (stock speeds im not an overclocker) or would my bankaccount just be smaller

also any good websites you know of for comparing hardware would be great (beside's tom's)

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March 30, 2003 8:57:16 PM

For the most part your bank account would be smaller! You pay a lot to get small gains!

Anandtech has better motherboard reviews in my opinion.

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