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I use Windows 7 Home Premium x64 with a Brother MFC8460N plugged in via ethernet to a Linksys WRT610N router. Up until two weeks ago it worked fine then just stopped. The printer configuration seems to be correct. As does the network configuration. I can ping the printer. It installed successfully. The print spooler works fine with the other machine on the system. Using the 8460 I receive "Cannot contact the printer over the network." If I open the print queue it shows "Error - Printing". The printer works perfectly fine if i go over to it and use its features. The Brother support group hasn't figured it out yet. Any ideas? Anyone?
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    Try to simplify they situation by plugging the Printer into the Win 7 machine through the USB option it most likely has. If it prints then that will at least eliminate the Drivers as a potential problem. Then if that works try networking the printer with a static IP address through a Switch if you can lay your hands on one. If the printer prints then the bone can be pointed at the Router as a likely candidate. Try a Static IP and Network it through the Router. If it works then the Router may acting up on the DHCP side of things.
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