FS: Asus 5870 Matrix Paltinum ROG, CM V-8 & Turtlebeach HP2 $325

Hello. I have a Asus Matrix Platinum ROG 2gb video card for sale. Excellent condition and has never been overclocked. This has been installed in my desktop for about 3 months and used very little due to change in work schedule. It comes with all accessories, receipt and box. This was bought new from Newegg for $500.00. Never overclocked and comes with ALL accessories and box/paperwork. Sell for $325.00 shipped via USPS priority with insurance and delivery confirmation or UPS. You choose.

Next is a Cooler Master V-8 CPU cooler. Have used this for about 8 months. The original fan leds went out and CM sent me a new fan and when I removed the cooler I installed it. You will receive both fans. Comes with all accessories, paperwork and box. This was bought new from Directron. Sell for $40.00 shipped via USPS with insurance and delivery confirmation.

And last is a pair of Turtlebeach HP2 gaming headphones. Excellent condition. Comes with all accessories and cables. Sell for $45.00 shipped via USPS and includes insurance and delivery confirmation.

Payment via PayPal gift option. My user name on eBay is glock19er for reference. Also on Glocktalk Im Seminoles. One Sigforum Im glock 19er.

Any questions, please ask. Not looking to trade for anything at this time. Reason for selling items is I just bought a Nvidea 580, a Corsair H50 and a pair of Roccat Kaves. Buy with confidence.

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  2. pm very interested in card plz pm . Have feedback in ebay 100% and
    Paypal verified 2.
  3. pm sent
  4. CM V-8 and headphones have been sold.
  5. pm sent your way.
  6. Never received pm
  7. Well I have sent three message via pm hope you have click "show the right column " on the top of the page . Anyways I offer 290 in my pm maybe we can come up with a agreement .
  8. Card sold and shipped. PM sent with tracking information. Thanks Die$el and Toms Hardware.
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