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Asus 5850's ek blocks attached $200 each+ various other items

hi im looking into selling my dual asus 5850's with ek(nickel+acetel) blocks attached.i recently went nvidia with gtx 580 to try 3d.havent installed yet,trying to decide to sell components seperately or complete rig.please get back to me if interested in any of these items.dual asus 5850 w blocks(xfire)200 each,gigabyte p55 ud4p-$100,core i5 750-$100,rosewill 1000w modular-$75,holding onto ram if poss for my new p67 ud7(dunno if it works w sb),custom haf 932(full side window,1/2" metal "frame" while the rest is acrylic $100 or bo,powered displayport to dvi-d adapter(bizlink) for eyefinity-$50,2 or 3 viewsonic 23" lcd monitors 1920x1080(VA2323wm) 150 or BO.will def sell third monitor after i purchase 27" acer 3d,hopefully soon.i also have various cpu coolers,wires,adapters,etc, i will list tom after i go in attic and through my boxes of pc parts.sorry for long length of post.will try to get pics up also,thanks again for your time
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