Day of Defeat: Source Choke problem!!!!

I can not get rid of the Choke that i get in Source games like DOD:S and CS:S. Its affecting the game play, and I love playing those games. I can't figure out whats wrong I have tried changning my rates and things but I cant get it to go away. It fluctuates all the time from 0 to 35 choke.

I just got a brand new computer. Its an i7 with 6gb of DDR3, 9800GTX.

Also I dont think this really matters, but I had a linksys wireless card, and I had to go online and learn how to hack it, so that it would work on 64 bit, but i really do not think that this is the problem. For some reason linksys does not support 64 bit vista. There are no drivers for basically all their products I do not know why.

But anyways, can anyone help me or have any ideas of why I have such bad choke in games? I do not have bad ping, latency or loss at all. its just the choke.

If anyone got any questions for me go ahead. i need to fix this!

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: ALso My connection is a DSL 1.5 mbps

Edit2: also hwo come no matter how high or low i set the graphics i cant change my graphics they just stay at 60 fps?
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  1. Not sure about your choke issue but as far as the FPS issue goes, just turn off VSync, or Vertical Sync, you should see your FPS shoot up (though you might get some graphical tearing, which is what vsync is there to prevent)
  2. what is tearing?
  3. it will look like a horizontal tear in the screen, and the bottom will look like it is offset from the top, it an annoyance more than anything else, but v-sync fixes that. It's kind of a beat frequency between the screen re-fresh and the the graphics card re-fresh.

    I do not know what you mean by choke, especially your phrase choke goes from 0-30
  4. im thinkin it meens Laggin, from 0-30 FPS
  5. but then they say that it always stays at 60fps, hence the confusion.
  6. 0 fps for CS:S with an i7 rig? doesnt make sense. Wouldnt be latency or ping either unless he is playing over a LAN or something. OP come back and explain yourself!!

    Edit: oh...check this out! "Choke means the amount of data lost because your computer can't handle the amount of data between the Internet connection and all the events happening in the game."
    Its a stat you can view as a graph ingame or somesuch. So its a network problem.
    What exactly is this hack you speak of? Have you tried connecting directly from modem to wall socket to rule out your wireless card and router?
  7. its not hardware related AT ALL! the i7 with a good graphics card like that will eat ANY source game up to date. its totally internet/lan related. if you are on wireless, its because you are on wireless. when i gamed on my wireless i could freeze up every 30 seconds for no reason other than my wireless was a POS.
  8. Its not a graphical issue silly. I get over 130 fps after i turned vsync off.

    The problem is that I am lagging in game. When I use net graph i get choke, and when I shoot my shots dont register in game as a hit because i am lagging and the player isno longer where i was shooting.

    this ruins the game for me,

    Anyways, about my wireless set up. I have a Linksys wireless card, and for some damn reason Linksys does not support 64 bit systems AT ALL. So I researched and googled it and found out that you can trick realtek or something like that you can trick to work with linksys adapters. and that is what i did. I was just mentioning it becuase it could be whats causeing lag but i donno. My ping is great its just choke.
  9. try a pairof powerline plugs to bridge between your router and a power socket near your pc, i use them and they are great. this will replace the wireless link and may solve the problem. if it doesn't you can always take them back :)
  10. 13thmonkey said:
    try a pairof powerline plugs to bridge between your router and a power socket near your pc, i use them and they are great. this will replace the wireless link and may solve the problem. if it doesn't you can always take them back :)

    I am very interested in what have said. Please tell me more, what is this powerline plugs? Do you have a link? How does it work? Is it good for gamming? :o
  11. something like this:
    there are two standards 200Mbps and 85Mbps the 200 is classed as AV homeplug quite often as it has the bandwidth or stream HD media. The 85 is the cheaper and more normal standard. I'm using 200 (because I found a cheap pair when I was buying them). Apparently all 85's will work together and all 200's will work together, (although the encryption standards may not be compatible. But 200's will not talk to (and will not interfer with) 85's.

    I've setup a pair of 200's and have had no problem, they DO work from extension blocks for power (2-way,4-way etc.), but will not work if that extension block is a filtered one, not sure about surge prot. The bandwidth is much much more than my connection 4Mb, and does not appear to introduce much lag (my bf2 ping scores are similar to when I was on a completely cabled connection)

    Some of them are pass through which might be useful.
  12. naveedy said:
    I am very interested in what have said. Please tell me more, what is this powerline plugs? Do you have a link? How does it work? Is it good for gamming? :o

    Hi Naveedy - I dont think any of these guys have any idea what your question is, let alone choke. I am in the same position as you, but with significant advantages. My upload speed is 30MBPS and my down speed is 8MBPS. I have a brand new custom built high end computer with a 9800GTX+, Quad proc etc., and more importantly my computer is connected wired to the modem directly. So I have none of the disadvantages that you may have such as connecting wireless to the router, lower speed(comparatively but still very good connection speed nevertheless). And inspite of all this when i use net graph 3 in my game (day of defeat) my choke alters from 0 to 60. So none of my shots register. I've been reading up on this for about 2 months now and have tried several things such as altering my cl_updaterate values, setting my lerp to the lowest rate possible without packet loss etc., amongst the dozen things that I have tried and tested. End result is that my choke is still 60 max.

    Now another thing which might disprove many theories about your "shots not registering". I was so frustrated that about 2 weeks back I ended up buying myself a Day of Defeat server. This is a 100 tick server hosted very close to my city of residence(My ping is 15 and my average fps is 260!!). Guess what? My choke was fluctuating between 0-5 maximum and.... surprise MY SHOTS WERE STILL NOT REGISTERING. So trust me, it has a lot to do with your ISP than anything else. For instance I tipped the cable guy $20 bucks and he started telling me how my ISP is supposed to provide service for about 3000 lines in my area but they are actually doing it for 9000 lines. so thereby stretching their bandwidth thin. Let me know if you need any other info in this regard cos I've spent a whole lot of time in this choke topic and tried out dozens of things, which could save you some time in experimenting.
  13. Try connecting the computer directly to the modem or router via a hard line. If the issue goes away then it is your wireless set up, if not then its something else. Having played on wireless before myself, I know it impacts gaming.
  14. hey guys,

    I'm actually playing day of defeat the non-source version and i'm getting the same problem, but without any variations in choke. I have a new i7 920 with a 9800 gtx+ with 6 gigs of ram. I've installed windows xp32, xp64, and vista64 and they all have the same problem. It seems that my shots wont register at all with automatic weapons.

    We are on a wired network in Toronto, and have a 60mb download with 800 kbs upload. THe ISP is cannot be the problem in my situation.

    The common theme from the thread it seems is that we all have the 9800GTX or GTX+. My belief is that the card itself is causing the problem, and not any connection issues. THe reason being, I can play on my old computer which is a P4 2.8 gig with a nvidia 5700fx video card. That rig plays sooooo much smoother than my new computer, and most importantly all my shots register without a problem.

    My brother is getting a new 4890 card from ATI very shortly and I'll let you guys know if swapping cards will produce the same issue. If not, I'll know that the card is the problem.

    Doesn't it just peev you out that you spend close to $2000 on a new machine and it can't play your favourite game? I know I am.
  15. Some things to try:

    Right click the game listed in steam and select properties> set launch options

    add the following:
    -dxlevel 81 -novid -nojoy -noipx -fullscreen -width 1024 -height 768 -refresh 100

    Enable developer console in game thru the options menus in keyboard advanced

    press `

    enter the following:

    cl_interp_ratio 2;cl_interp 0.033;rate 65000;cl_updaterate 101;cl_cmdrate 101

    *note that in steam changing your download speed will change your "rate" value in games (above). so do not change it in steam after this console command is used.

    Choke will occur on servers that are busy, servers with 24 players and above will always get choke.
    A Choke of 25 or less is nothing to be surprised at and is acceptable.

    FPS problems can occur on certain hardware setups when smoke granades are used. Where your FPS will drop severely. otherwise FPS issues can be a result of bad Drivers. ATI drivers and control software have a problem with the CCC.exe running in background and you should get the latest drivers but do not use the catalyst control center software. use ATI tray tool instead, or nothing at all.

    ﯼmơқ℮צ ﻁ℮∂Я (Ireland)
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