FS [US48]: Sealed Core i5 2500k ($208 shipped)/Q9550 ($170 shipped)

Brand new Core i5 2500k, sealed. Looking for $205 + shipping obo.

Uploaded with

Core 2 Quad Q9550 + stock HSF, used for $175 standard shipping. Haven't done thorough overclocking past 3.6ghz. Seems to be stable at this speed at 1.33v. The board seems to be the limiting factor. BFG's take on the 680i SLI was not a very efficient one. Pic not included as it's currently the rig I'm running on. I will send pictures per buyer request.

I would prefer to do a local transaction in the Southern California area. If this is not possible, I am okay with:

Paypal: Buyer covers fees.
Amazon Payments.
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  2. how long has the 9550 been running for?
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