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Hi, I would like to hook up a ps3 to my computer, my ps3 have AV MUlti out (red yellow white jacks) that hook up nicely on my computer. The question is how do i make it show up on my monitor??
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  1. What model monitor is it?
  2. "I would like to hook up a ps3 to my computer"

    You mean your PS3 to your monitor.
  3. If you do actually mean 'PS3 to my computer' - ie you want to record PS3 images onto the PC or something - you will need a video capture card, and a damn good one to work in HD smoothly.
  4. no i do mean ps3 to computer b/c i assume ucan do that b/c i have the cabels that conect perfectly from my ps3 to comp
    monitor model is.. acer AL1916W
  5. ...why do i have the feeling he's trying to put the AV cables in the onbaord sound slots...

    You can do 1 of two things for video:
    1: Video capture card
    2: Plug directly into moniter (need HDMI input/output for Moniter/PS3)

    For sound:
    1: If moniter has internal speakers, the above mentions HDMI connection *should* give sound as well
    2: Plug sound outputs into sound slots on PC? (never tried, would it work?)
    3: Connect to sound card via optical cable
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