GTA 4 Car spawner Vehicle Selector (You can get any car you want)

Hey guys,

So has anyone else come across this awesome miraculous software called Vehicle Selector v1.1? It allows you to be able to buy and modify any car you want in the game as if you walked into a dealership. Its pretty awesome, but there's not a lot of info about it out there and I have a lot of questions and it can only be found on a few sites. Here's where I found it. I will share the wealth.

The only thing is I am wondering if someone knows more info about this. I have been using it for a few days now and its awesome, but are we able to customize suspensions later on and what else can we do as we continue to buy cars? I do know that the more you buy from it the more add-ons you get, but even then I am not sure what those add-ons are or even what they do. Like I said, there is very limited information about this mod. Still very cool though. If anyone knows a lot about this let all of us know. Thanks.
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  1. Hey
    this vehicle slector is pretty awesome, but unfortunately it doesn't work anymore with the lastest GTa IV update (november 10th 2009) which is pretty strict on modding... hopufuly someone will create a new scripthook or dsound.dll to re-enable it.

    The options that unlock as you buy cars are the ability to give you cars extra defence against the diferent danger sources like bulles, fire, explosions, ramming, flat tires, etc.

    The only things that can be customized are the colors of the car, some of them have decals too, add a pearl/metallic finish to the paint which looks really great, etc

    For example, the NRG 900 (the most sport-like and fastest bike) can have two different bodies and several exhaust pipes, you can really choose any you like.

    On some of the vehicles changing the body parts (which have really weird names that don't mean a thing) woN't do anything. You have to check them one by one to see if something is available.

    It may seem useless but its now, for example if you spawn a Packer (big truck with no box at the back) you have to go in the body options to put a ramp on it. It's pretty fun to spawn one anywhere to place jumps in places there usually aren't any.

    That's all I know, hope it helps.
  3. I'm going to take a guess and say PC as it's in the PC section.
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