<$1000 Laptop w/ Fujitsu Crystal View type screen?

I liked the Fujitsu "Crystal View" notebook screens better than the sony, compaq's, and even Emachines notebook displays. I need a stable notebook that is compatible with all the wireless standards. It will be used for web page building, internet research (w/ many windows), and playing video/audio streams simultaneously. Does anyone know where I can get a $1000(or less) 15inch screen notebook with this type of screen quality?

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  1. The only laptops that will give decent performance for less than $1000 are Dells. They have pretty decent screens though I can't tell you the exact specs of them. For less than $1000 you can't relly be to demanding :)

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  2. I planned to buy a minimal spec system with a great screen since I'm good at finding deals/coupons on upgrades like memory and drives..so I'd be upgrading those parts myself. But, what if I raise my budget to $1200? Any good options then?

  3. The new Toshiba Satellite A70 series notebooks have extremely brilliant screens. My neighbor just got one and I was amazed by the picture quality and brightness. It will run you about $1200. They also have pretty decent system specs.

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