Win2k Guru's... peer 2 peer w/XP & folder sharing

I set up a small network in my wifes' Dental Office (never tried it but hey...gotta learn).

I have a server (OK, really just a peer to peer and using the pc more like a NAS), running w2k pro and workstations all using xp pro.

Problem is this, (should be simple to you guys but I do not know w2k but I like it the more I spend time with it), all workstations need to access her main 'dental' software by sharing a couple of folders on the server.

All is running very well except every time a workstation attempts to access a shared folder it asks for an ID and Password. I nerver set one up(?).

How I get around this is to use Explorer from within an XP workstation, first, just after turning on, I would click on the first (doesn't work from another shared folder) shared folder which would bring up a ID and Password screen. I enter Admin as ID and not enter a password, then hit enter.

After this her dental software can now find it's files and all works well.

If for whatever reason the pc needs to be rebooted I usually have to walk my wife through this over the phone, then I get another few days break before I get "the call" again.

I have been searching from within W2k to no avail.

Any help is appreciated.


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  1. Go to your PC that is sharing the folders. Rght click on "my computer" go to "manage" look at the users and groups. In the users you must have a user assigned and password match from each of the PCs that access it. The account must be spelled exactly as how you login on the other PC and the password must match. XP home remember "user" is used. This will remove the login "nag screen"

    Another way to do this is to add the "everyone group" to the share folder's security. This opens the door for other problems so I would advise against this.

    ONE BIG thing! put some kind of virus software on that lan and find a way to keep it up to date.

    hope this helps

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  2. opps.. I mean ANTI-virus software! :)

    YAHOO IM @ flagg7771234
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