Computer restarts when playing games

After playing games for a while my comp screen goes black and immediately restarts.
All fans are working however core temps get to 67c when playing call of duty world at war and other games.
I have intel core 2 duo e600 and a 9800 gt. Nothing is overclocked.
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  1. plz reply its geting really annoying. I can't play games.
  2. I had a similar type of problem with GTA San Andreas. My compy kept restarting when I tried to rescue a lass from a burning building. Turned out that I needed to up the voltage slightly on the LDT bus or Hypertransport bus whatever its called. I had a DFI CFX3200 mobo with an Athlon 64 FX-60. Try knocking up the voltage on the Hypertransport bus or whatever Intel uses. Hope this helps. Also kit out your rig with tonnes of fans just to be on the safe side.
  3. jt - Prime95 the system -,
    if when streesin the CPU it restarts or the CPU core stops testin (fails), thewn u have to up the V-core of ur CPU in the bios.

    but TBO, i believe u may have a GPU that is overheating.
    is ur GPU set at stock speads or is it overclocked, as this could be causin the shuttin down,

    ifthis is the case, and it is set on stock speeds, then u may either have a faulty GPU, or u may need to purchase a custom cooler.

    Cragsman - Intel uses the basic FSB on there systems not the Hypertransport (although they do have somethin similar on the i7).
  4. Could also be an insufficient power supply.
  5. Thanks for the reply i have a 550 watt power supply. Graphic card is on stock temps get over 70 on it
  6. sounds like PSU or temps.
  7. It could also be faulty memory that is triggered when a certain area of the memory is filled (when you play games).

    It would be worth you downloading memtest86 and making a bootable disk (you can get bootable ISO's freely available that you can burn to a cd and boot to it).

    If it comes up with any errors after say 2 to 3 run throughs then its your memory that is causing the reboots.

    Good luck!
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