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SIS655 chipset not bad at all

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March 31, 2003 5:50:11 PM

I have seen this chipset thrashed pretty bad. I have the SIS655 in my Gigabyte SINXP1394. The dual bios on this motherboard is a flop to me. It's recovery skills was not acceptable. But, that's on Gigabyte for that. The Myth about this chipset not running DDR400 is not true. I was easily able to run DDR400 in dual channel, 128 bit mode with no problems. I had no problems playing unreal until I overclocked my 9700 pro to 380mhz. I knew it was not the board , because of the protection fault error I got in unreal.

I read the reviews about this chipset. I don't entirely agree with it. I was expecting to see my DDR400 crap out in dual mode. It did'nt. I then set the DDR for 443 or something. No problems. So, I think the Gigabyte dual bios needs a new flash. But as far as the Memory and the stability. It's there in my book.

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a b V Motherboard
April 1, 2003 1:33:10 AM

I posted about how misleading the THG review was. It was terrible, almost as if someone had paid them to screw SiS.

Yes, the SiS 655 chipset supports DDR400 in dual mode. The only thing it seems to have problems with is running memory at Cas2. Be that as it may, it can still beat everything else while running at Cas2.5 if you use dual channel PC3200.

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April 2, 2003 3:31:06 PM

Yes I found that gigabyte's board's this time round want not up to par. (just going on my experience). I ordered the Asus version of the board as I finally found a place that had it in stock, so it should be here for me tomorrow. I will post my thoughts when I have it up and runnig.

I'm very excited to see the results personally as I have never been disapointed with the quality of Asus boards.

I'm also curious to see how it handle the corsair 3200 ram with its default values before I make any adjustments...
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April 2, 2003 7:55:18 PM

Crash, I agree. I was able to get my 512mb of OCZ CAS2 to do a DDR 450 speed at CAS3. It seems in Dual mode with the OCZ paired, I was only able to get it to do CL3. It hangs at CL2.5. But, running the same DDR at 450 seems to work fine. That's kinda wierd. I'm wondering what is more important at this point. Running DDR400@CL2.5(if I can get to) or DDR450 at CL3? What do you think?
a b V Motherboard
April 2, 2003 8:45:16 PM

I'd go with the slower speed and shorter latency.

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April 7, 2003 11:03:34 PM

Crash...Took your advice, I was able to get the board stable with the DDR 400 set at DDR350 with 2-6-3-3-2. Is that ok or do you think I should get better performance? By the way, Gigabyte says the MB does not support my OCZ memory. Seems to be working ok so far.
a b V Motherboard
April 8, 2003 3:31:34 AM

That sounds good, you're still pushing the memory bus at a higher rate than the CPU bus, so there shouldn't be any bottle necks.

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April 8, 2003 8:27:38 PM

hey Crash..

forgive me, but I am a little confused on this whole subject. What exactly is the chipset having trouble with, is it cas latency set to 2, or is it the active to Precharge set to 5?

The reason I ask is that the review at Anandtech claims they tested with 2-2-2-6 timings with stability (DDR400). The board by default puts it at 2-2-2-5 (at least in the Asus case thats what I saw) So from the advice from people here I set it to: 2.5-3-3-6. It works great, but I dont want to be limited to that if it can handle better..

What would be optimal settings? After all my troubles I dont want screw this up. I was thinking of trying 2.5-2-2-6 (or even setting the cas down to 2 since Anandtech tested at this)

Thanks if you can clear this up, your knowledge is always appreciated :) 
a b V Motherboard
April 8, 2003 9:58:59 PM

Wow, if Anandtech was able to use Cas2 at 6t command rate, but Tom's wasn't able to run Cas2 because they used 5t command rate, this would be just another flaw in their review!

Well, you can of course try both settings. What are you going to damage? At worst you'll simply need to reset the BIOS.

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April 9, 2003 3:18:01 AM

First of I must say this P4SDX rocks! I didnt even have to open the case when I tried a timming it didnt like. Just powed off then back on again and it reset to default. Very Sweet :) 

Ok I tried 2.5-2-2-6 and it didnt like it (black screen) I tried 2-2-2-6 and it didnt like it either. So its back at 2.5-3-3-6. The only thing I can think of being the difference between mine and anadtech is that they had all 4 memory banks populated, as I just have A1, B1. (they had 2x512 and 2x256 corsair) They dont mention models just CAS2.0, which I'm asuming is the equivilant to my XMS3200 LL

Funny thing is in the manual for my Asus, corsair is not listed as supported modules. I had bought these when I originally went with the gigabyte model. But at my current timings, its been rock solid so far.

Live and learn :)  Thanks again for all your help from beging of this upgrade!...I think it safe to say I learned someting :) 
a b V Motherboard
April 9, 2003 5:36:49 AM

Memory timings become more critical as you use a larger number of modules.

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April 9, 2003 11:09:30 AM

I'm having real troubles with board stability using 2x 256mb corsair xms 3200 and the gigabyte board. I get random hangs all over the place, sometimes during POST, sometimes no POST, sometimes I getto boot, and then a hang. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason, but I am letting the memory settings be defined by AUTO. I was about to return the MB as faulty today before I read this thread; anyone have any ideas as to whether the memory timings could be causing this? Any help would be much appreciated, as if I return a non-faulty board, I will be charged lots of cash, and I can't afford to buy any more RAM!
April 9, 2003 3:11:48 PM

Hey I had that board too. (also the same RAM as you) But you dont want to let the board determine the timings as everyone who has this chipset found out the hard way :)  Define your memory timings as such: 2.5-3-3-6

This should get your board to be stable. Once you set it at these timings, just leave it as is....I found resting the BIOS on the gigabyte board a real pain (i had no luck personally) And with those timings in place its a pretty stable and quick board.

Let me know how it goes :) 
a b V Motherboard
April 9, 2003 9:52:31 PM

Listen to Melvin's suggestions. The "Auto" setting reads the SPD values and will set it as 2-2-2-5 if that's what the memory says it can do. But the memory controller is a little fussier than that. I've seen people get it stable with 2-2-2-6, or 2-3-2-5, in best case scenarios. Once you find the fastest manual setting it runs stable at, you'll still be impressed by it's performance. Anandtech even beat the i850E in most test with the settings backed down a little.

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April 9, 2003 10:38:41 PM

"I've seen people get it stable with 2-2-2-6, or 2-3-2-5, in best case scenarios."

really? What ram did they have? I tried and my machine puked (loud beep) did they have all four banks used?

maybe I should sell my 2x256 sticks and get 2x512 sticks instead...or should I just get 2 more 256?
a b V Motherboard
April 9, 2003 11:28:49 PM

sorry, that was with 2 banks, adding more modules increases timing issues.

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April 10, 2003 8:33:10 AM

Thanks for your help guys. After two weeks of angst over my £2000 rig being kaput, it now works like a peach. No OC, and I get 15695 3D marks. I am very happy. This will terach me to read THG forums before I do anything else! Again, really appreciate your help.
April 10, 2003 8:51:56 AM

BTW I have 4 sticks of 256Mb Corsair 3200 XMS, i.e. two twinned sets, operating in dual channel config (single 128-bit mode). The timings still seem to be fine: all I did was leave the settings as they were detected by the bios, but changes the CAS from 2 to 2.5