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I'm about to buy a 24" monitor and found that many (such as the Dell) have slow response. What's the most recommended?
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  1. what value do you think is slow?
  2. "the Dell"
    Dell make a great many monitors, which Dell. They make some some very good monitors and some pretty average ones. You get what you pay for.

    Samsung are normally a safe choice, but again, different models have different specs.
  3. The 2409 appears to have a 5ms grey to grey response time, I don't see this as being too bad, if you are a world class fps gamer then maybe this is too slow, for anyone else I'd suggest that this is fine.
  4. Fsx isnt very demanding when it comes to response times.
    I would look at video play back and picture quality as more importat issues.
    Go to Best Buy or somewhere similar and look at differing monitors. Take along a video for something to compare with.
    You dont have to buy it from there if you find a good deal somewhere else but it gives you a chance to see many different models side by side.
    A good time to do it is like Tues. morning when no one is there and you can usually find someone who will spend time with you to make any changes you may want.
  5. my dell 21" has a response time of 16ms, and this is fast enough to preform without ghosting.
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