WinXP, Sysprep, WLAN Config and HW Profiles.

Ok I'm making an XP Image with the XP version of Sysprep and have stumbled across a problem. I'm used to Sysprep v1.1 for W2K so it may just be me not doing this right.

I have 3 hardware profiles that I <b>must</b> be able to use.

1. Wired LAN
2. Wireless LAN
3. Dialup Connection

You can probably guess that the laptop has all 3 pieces of hardware needed for that. So....

Profile 1: I disable the Wireless NIC & Modem
Profile 2: I disable the Wired NIC & Modem
Profile 3: I disable the Wireless NIC & Wired NIC

It works great while you're setting up the image until you run sysprep. Upon restart the profiles are still there at bootup, but the devices are all enabled gain.

I'm using <b>sysprep -mini -reseal</b> as my commandline after creating a sysprep.inf file to run off of.

Ideas? Is the -mini causing it to run through PnP again and enable everything?


Sysprep appears to be ripping my WLAN configuration out causing the need to manually reenter all WEP & SSID information. God I can't wait to switch over to WPA.
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  1. What are you exactly doing? Trying to image XP from drive to drive? Can you be more specific. What is this Sysprep doing?

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  2. Ok sure. I'm just trying to do what I've done hundreds of times before with Windows 2000. I'm making an image to be deployed across a ton of identical Dell Latitude D600 laptops.

    The only difference is that this time around I have to set the machines with hardware profiles to prevent XP from having any way of bridging the connections and violating enterprise security policy.

    After configuring the machine exactly how I want it there are 2 main problems after sysprep'ing the machine.

    1. The hardware profiles still exist, but are no longer configured how I want them. After being sysprep'd and the machine runs through its mini config the profiles have all the hardware enabled while before the sysprep certain devices were disabled in each one.

    2. The WLAN configuration (SSID & WEP Key) are no longer configured after running through the mini setup. Before the sysprep they were configured and worked for any new domain user who logged into the machine.

    I need the mini setup to run so that I can give each machine a unique machine name to join the domain with.
  3. If you did it with win2k then you've assumed XP will be the same? XP is a TOTALLY different system as far as setting things up go.

    I wish I could help you, I had a complete app to setup and promo/join machines with unnatended setup. But I think you'll have to find different way of doing things instead of going around doing setup after setup, even though if it is what you have to do, then you'll have to deal with it.

    One suggestion though, you can make your image with .cmd file in the startup folder to run "netdom.exe" (I hope they still have it on CD in admin pack) to join PCs to a domain, rename them, etc. Besically it is figurable thing, it is just not helpfull to help from such a "distance". After you ran that, the .cmd file can write different one, or start different one for the next task at next reboot (I hope you know the shutdown.exe thingy as well;)

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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