problem with SiS 655 based system, need serious he


i recently purchased a main board, MSI SiS 655 chipset based, and ATI 9700 All in WOnder Pro vid card along with intel 3.06 CPU and some nice RAM to go with that. this one :

however, i still have a problem of system hanging when restarting, rebooting.

i'm firmly convinced it has to do with the mobo, possibly the ATI card or the interface between the 2, since i dont even need to boot up the HD for it to occur. anytime i boot into bios menu, then restart my system, the following happens:

system shuts down except the CPU fan and half the time the monior. the system hangs there indefinetly and does not restart just sits in that spot. in order for me to actually shutdown, i have to pull the plug or hit the switch on the back of teh case or the power strip.

i have checked all switch connections between case and mobo, all bios settings, power settings etc countless times to no avail. been at it for hours on end and cannot figure it out.

also dont see any options how to make my system power up or power down using the power/sleep/wake up keys on teh keyboard. there is an option for it in the bios, but i cannot seem to get it to respond at all on any of the available settings with any of teh available options.

i should also add that all drivers and bios and everything software wise is of course up to its most current version.

any help would be very appreciated

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  1. How many components are plugged into the same line as the video card? Try to make sure there are not to many things that use lots of power plugged into the same line. If this does not help, I am not sure what it would be.
  2. the vid card cable is on its own seperate branch and does not share anything, i have my cd/cdrw/dvd drive and HD on the other cable from the power supply.

    i am going to get my old vid card back tomorrow as unfortunately i have prematurely given it away to someone :(, so i can install it and see what happens.

    if i install the GF3 and all problems go away then it is obviously the ATI 9700 pro, if i install it and get exactly same thing and i get exact same problems then its most likely the mobo.

    if i install it and i get some new , weird problems instead of teh ones i have then i'll be really dumbfunded.
  3. This really doesn't sound like a serious problem, but I have seen it caused by IRQ sharing on bus mastering devices, also by ACPI issues. My advice there is to set PNP OS to NO in BIOS, so that BIOS can configure the cards instead of leaving them unset until the OS boots.

    Also, make sure your Cas Latency is not set for "2" as it doesn't seem to work right.

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  4. reboot into safe mode...If it does not lock up and reboot in safe mode. then you more than likely have a driver issue.
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