Large Scale FPS?? (Joint Operations, etc..)

A few years ago I used to play Joint Operations all the time and loved it....Can anyone recommend similar games that are out on the market now that I should try? I am looking for JO type games with 100+ people on the servers, huge territory, realistic ballistics, very tactical, that sort of thing...(I have played Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2 series)....I am looking for larger scale then that..
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  1. BF2 - Project Reality may be the one that ticks most of the boxes you need.
    Reality, Tactical, Big Maps.
    It would just be the amount of players on a server that would fail your needs.
  2. WWII Online (or whatever they call it this week...)
  3. Armed assault 2 and operation flashpoint 2 are coming out soon and i think operation flashpoint 2 has 64 players not including bots
  4. Thanks everyone! That Armed Assault 2 looks pretty cool. For now I may have to dust off Joint Operations and see if anyone still plays it on the Novaworld servers.
  5. Yeah - I still play as do a hell alot of others - nova has merged the 3 servers into 1 and TankBattle SG1/TSG are the main 1's on the euro end of things while Orangebowl would be the 1 on US side.

    Also look into the International Conflict mod as it has loads of new models and weapons and holds a 175player battle on sundays for 10hrs and it is proper organised - tell them ballistix sent you or contact me on the UFC forum - UFC - Kunty - i'll be more than happy to guide you thru it all

  6. Far Cry 2 is pretty massive even though there's a 16 player cap if you're good enough it will seem as realistic as a real battle.
  7. JO isnt dead yet. I tried alot new games but i found nowhere else the fun like on JO. Like Kunty allready marked: Check out the IC-Tournament, 2 Armys, 2 Generals, around 110 players on each side enlisted, a 200 man battleserver where the sundays battles runs! If you like Teamplay you should check it out.

    Regards Mexx
  8. Planetside, MMOFPS

    SOE recently announced Planetside 2.
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