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I'm in need of some cash, and I have a spare computer that I don't know what to do with. I've gathered together all of my spare parts. I have no idea of the prices, so please just be honest and make bids on the parts you want. I'd also be very happy with a trade. I'm just looking for update my current rig. If anyone has two hard drives they would like to trade for something, or a case. I would also definitely be happy with a watercooling loop.

Lapped E8400, it's in good condition, and it's GREAT at OC'ing. This one was really golden out of the batch. I've managed 4 Ghz with just .2v added.

I'm also selling the cooler I was using for this CPU. Kept it at 58 c full load on 4 GHz. It's pretty quiet too, although I can't find it online. I'll get pictures of it uploaded.

EVGA 750i SLi FTW Motherboard. Good condition.

EVGA 9800 GTX OC edition. I have 2 of these, but I'm using one in the computer I'm posting this on. If needed, I'll be happy to sell it. I'll include an SLi bridge if you buy both.

This bridge is brand new, I bought it for troubleshooting purposes.

A modded ATi HD 2600 XT. Really... The mod is pretty funny. It certainly stays cool! :biggrin:

Linksys G-PCI Wireless Adapter with SpeedBooster

Two 80 GB IDE WD Caviar SE hard drives.

2 GB of DDR2 533 RAM. This stuff is also very OC'able on this board. I got it to 850 Mhz.

Various fans/cables. If there's one in particular you need, just tell me and I'll let you have it for a low price.
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  1. How much are you looking to get for the E8400?
  2. Price on CPU+Mobo?
  3. I also have a 500GB WD Green hard drive (used) that I could throw in.
  4. With the hard drive, I'll let them go for $150 US. Without it, $185.
  5. Price drop: 110 with hard drive, 140 without.
  6. Cool beans. PM sent.
  7. 25 shipped for the wireless card?
  8. is the PSU for sale?
  9. How much just DFI?
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