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I have an unusual situation.
I purchased an ECS SIS648 Chipset Mobo w/ a P4 2.4 processor and 512 MB Crucial DDR333 memory to rebuild my system. The existing parts I used are: Verto PNY Geforce TI4400 Graphics Card, Maxtor 60GB HD, and my regular CDROM & Floppy with Win98SE for OS. Everything ran fine until I decided to purchase an additional piece of memory for this system. After installing a second piece of the same exact memory, the system would not boot. I would get to a black screen and receive a msg stating that windows encountered an error and that I needed to restart. Safe mode would boot fine. I took the new piece of memory out an deverything would post fine. Here's the twist, I installed the dimm into a second system built on the same mobo with the same memory and had it run perfectly. The difference between the two systems, Win XP with an Abit TI4400.
I returned the mobo for the GB board and am experiencing the same difficulty. Everything works fine as long as I have 1 dimm installed? Any ideas?
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  1. Sometimes when you run 2 modules the increased latency will result in instability. If that's the case, you need to go into BIOS and back the memory timings to slower settings (which have higher numbers if you didn't know).

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  2. Quote:
    Win98SE for OS

    The difference between the two systems, Win XP with an Abit TI4400

    I Believe versions of windows prior to Win2000 <i>cannot</i> use more than 512Mb of memory. To have any more than this you need Win2000 or XP.

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  3. true, but I believe it will still boot, just not use the extra RAM?

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  4. I have correctd the problem. I was helping someone even more stubborn than me configure this thing. I suggested that we install XP the first time around and he was opposed to it. Last night I installed XP anyway,and hit the jackpot. Everything works fine, just as I thought it would. Appreciate the insight.

  5. Good deal.

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  6. I re-read my original post and wanted to add some comments for anyone else who stumbles across these notes. With Win98SE and 1024MB DDR333 installed, the system would boot fine until the video card was installed. After that I could only boot to safe mode unless I uninstalled the vid card or removed 1 DIMM. This was with the latest nvidia drivers installed. As far as Win98se not supporting over 512MB of memory. My old system had 768 running on Win98SE?!!
    Also, in my haste to figure out the prob, I'm not sure if I mentioned that I swapped the ECS board for the Giga-byte board.

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  7. it had 768 installed, but what did it say on the system info page? I'll bet just 512.

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