WinXP hangs after logon

My friend has a HP pavilion ze4200 with windows xp and everytime we logon windows doesnt startup its like it stops loading all of a sudden. it doesnt freeze because i can still access the task manager. can some please help fix this thanx.

Shuttle XPC SN45G
Athlon XP 3200+
nForce2 Ultra 400
Corsair 512mb ddr400
Radeon 9600 Pro
Western Digital 160GB HDD
Toshiba DVD-RW
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  1. Hi, There are many reasons for this happening. One of them is a device is taking too long to initialize. For example, if your friend has a DSL modem, it might be taking its time to initialize the network. Have a look at the Event Viewer (Control Panel>Administrative tools, select "System") and see if there are errors logged during the process of booting (you may have to see at what time the computer hangs and check out any errors during that time. You may also clear the event log and restart and see if any errors will appear. Read the information and post back what happened.
  2. instead of running around looking for solution save yeself time and troubil and install windows into diffirent directory ("WindowsXP" will do) and be marry with your life.

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